Located in the North East of Calgary, the Nexus Building Centre was completed by Chandos Construction in early 2015 for Hungerford Properties. The building consists of a mix of office, commercial and warehouse. The building was designed by Gibbs Gage using high-end architectural components.  

Deane Roofing and Cladding were awarded the Insulated Metal Panel scope of works. This consisted of Kingspan architectural panel using metallic paint and preformed ends. The building frontage contains several interface locations of glazing and cladding, the design of which was all set out by the design team where glazing mullions and cladding joint would all align. This required strict control on setting out and tolerances onsite.

The panel module was carried around the building on all elevations so levels were under review constantly to ensure all elevations ran in sync.  The interface detail with glazing was particularly important in maintaining the air seal in the building as well as ensuring a weathertight construction across the systems. This is of particular emphasis where cladding drains above glazing and vice versa, so as to marry the drainage lines of each system. The building is a fine example of the combination of glazing and panelling systems.

Calgary, Alberta
Cladding Scope:

2000 sqm of Kingspan Architectural Panel

Safety Achievements:
No Injuries or Incidents
Quality Objectives:
Modular Architectural Lines and Features
5 Months
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