Eirgrid East West Interconnector
Batterstown, Co. Meath

The Eirgrid East West Interconnector facility in Batterstown was built to allow transmission of power between the UK and Ireland. The building consisted of a built up standing seam roof, fire rated Rockwool core Rockspan wall panels and the inclusion of an all-aluminium Faraday cage internally. John Sisk & Son appointed Deane Roofing & Cladding to install the envelope, roofing and cladding including doors and glazing.  

The Rockspan panels by Eurobond, were 175mm thick and weighed over 250 kg and were all hoisted and positioned using machinery. Once they were fixed in position, all internal junctions walls to columns, walls to roof etc had to be wrapped to ensure earth continuity. A complex and detailed earthing system was installed between all steel members back to ground level which the wall and roof systems had to connect with. There was significant care and attention required to make sure all earth circuits and bolt assemblies were complete before metal flashings were installed.

The main hall contained a Faraday cage in aluminium with a significant level of detailing pertaining to the earthing of the installation. The specification was intricate and detailed, down to the conductivity of bolts and type of grease to use between them.

The roof was built up from metal deck, with halters on a bar and bracket system. The top sheet was rolled onsite and hoisted into position. The longest sheet lengths rolled and installed onsite were 54m. This offered a huge advantage over systems with cross joints and reduced the possibility of any water penetration along the slope length.

The project was very technical and complex in detail. The schedule was aggressive and quality requirements of an extremely high standard.

Batterstown, Co. Meath
Cladding Scope:

3,000sqm of Rockspan panel.
1,800 sqm aluminium Faraday cage.
800 sqm Fire rated internal wall panel.

Roofing Scope:

3,500 sqm of Aluminium Euroseam built up metal standing seam roofing system

Safety Achievements:
No accidents or incidents
Quality Objectives:
Airtightness 2.5m3/hr @50 Pa. Conductivity testing to all metal surfaces
4 months
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