Bridgewater Centre

Arklow, Co. Wicklow
Cladding Scope:

6,000 sqm of Kingspan Architectural wall panel.
3,000 sqm of zinc plant rainscreen.
800 sqm of Trespa Rainscreen.

Roofing Scope:

20,000 sqm of Paralon built-up bituminous roofing system.
2,500 sqm Sarnafil membrane system.

Safety Achievements:
No reportable accidents
Quality Objectives:
Snag-free on completion
13 months

The Bridgewater Centre in Arklow was a development by local contractors Allen & Smyth. The development included not only retail space with a significant anchor tenant but a central mall, multi-storey car park, commercial office space, apartment block and cinema. The roof area was almost 20,000 sqm with 10,000 sqm of wall cladding.

There were a number of different roof levels with a high volume of plant located on raised platforms. Individual roofs contained specific plant penetrations from tenants creating a complex relationship between shell and core and fit out throughout the build.

The Paralon roofing system was laid in a number of different ways depending on the substrate, being either metal deck or concrete, some laid to falls others created in tapered insulation. Hence the need for numerous specification submittals and approvals as well as well informed and structured management and supervision onsite.  

Due to the scale of the project and the sequence of build, the design had to take cognisance of the need to accommodate some structures which would be built after others, creating complex interface details.

In some cases, the interfaces were done in stages and protected from the elements until adjacent structures reached a level that they could be linked. This happened in several locations around the site and needed careful planning and detailing to make sure the links worked and joined seamlessly.

A number of elevations were enclosed by a courtyard or adjacent buildings with drip levels starting at high levels. We had to make provision in our schedule for the inaccessibility of these areas and make sure that the areas were snag-free. More complex Rainscreen systems used in the framing of glazing and to soffits were designed as features among the expanse of the main elevations.

This was a large complex project successfully completed and  we successfully managed the project from start to finish without any issues in programme or quality.

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I have worked and am currently working very closely with Deane Roofing and Cladding on a large high specification Biotechnology construction project. Their commitment to meet the very high expectations in quality, safety and schedule is second to none. They are very committed to reaching these expectations and surpassing them. They are very easy to work with on day to day construction issues and work diligently to ensure they deliver a top class project to all concerned.
Andrew McHugh
CSA Works Package Owner
Brennan Associates, Quantity Surveyors have worked on many projects with Deane Roofing and Cladding where they were specialist subcontractors for the Roofing and Cladding elements. Each project has been unique in its own way challenging the Design Team and Contractors alike. In these situations, we have found their team to be engaging, responsive, and technically proficient in resolving issues as they arose.

They have always maintained a high standard of workmanship, management, budget control and coordination with meticulous attention to detail being exerted throughout the projects. We would have no hesitation in recommending them for commercial roofing and cladding projects.
John Brennan
Brennan Associates

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