Spencer Dock Commerial

North Wall Quay, Dublin 1
Miscellaneous Works Scope:
All hard landscaping to balconies
Roofing Scope:

8,000 sqm of Paralon. 8,000 sqm of Tapered Insulation.

Safety Achievements:
No reportable accidents
Quality Objectives:
Tested and defect free before paving installation. FM Standard
13 months
Deane Roofing Sdd project
The landmark development of Spencer Dock dates back as far as 2002 when this derelict site hit the headlines when there were queues for the launch of the residential units. As part of this ambitious development, a number of commercial office buildings were included in the plan, mirroring the IFSC development further up the Quays.

We were nominated to John Sisk & Son for this work. A number of office blocks were constructed and are now occupied by companies such as PWC and the Central Bank.  

These buildings were built to a very high standard befitting of their location and the roof system was similarly high specification. The biggest challenge was the complex tapered insulation schemes to create falls and cross falls across quite large areas of roof 2,200 sqm to 4,000 sqm.

The Paralon roof system comprised of a fully bonded vapour barrier, bitumen bonded insulation and a layer of under lay and granular cap sheet. As it was an adhered system, the base layer was laid under close supervision and under strict quality control procedures. The quality of the concrete substrate was of vital importance to the success of this installation and this was signed off before roofing commenced.

In addition to the roof finish, We installed all the paving and drainage pebble to the balcony areas up to the fifth floor. The paving was levelled on pedestals and the logistics of cranage, hoisting and distribution were challenging due to the congested nature of the site.