Shell Corrib
Ballinaboy, Co. Mayo

The new Shell Corrib gas facility in the Erris region of Co. Mayo on the west coast of Ireland is one of the first of its kind in this country. The plant was built to process gas sourced 83 KM off the west coast.

Deane Roofing & Cladding were engaged by Kilcawley Construction to install the roofing and cladding systems to a number of specialised buildings spread throughout the site. Each building had a particular function in the gas process and therefore no two buildings were the same.  

The cladding systems were not complicated, but the environment, height, access and air tightness created abnormal challenges which made for a complicated project.

The formation of roof slopes and cladding extensions above the main roof levels, such as 6m exhaust towers, made it difficult for hoisting and distribution of the panels into position.

This was made more complex by the phasing of various parts of the same building, resulting in partially complete elevations and roofs.

We worked closely with Kilcawleys Construction to ensure that the envelope was completed in accordance with the progress of the pipework entering and exiting the building.

The weathering of the process pipework was extremely difficult. The mix of material types, multiple sizes of pipes and cables, and varying surface temperatures requiring provision for expansion and contraction made the weathering of penetrations extremely complicated.

The working space after pipes were installed added significant weight to the challenge. There were no textbook solutions possible and all opes had to be designed specifically for their location and the nature of the pipe coming through the cladding. The simplest of applications had to bespoke.

We successfully weathered, sealed and achieved all buildings to the water and airtight standards set out in the specification.

Ballinaboy, Co. Mayo
Cladding Scope:

3,000 sqm of RW Cladding vertically laid with 800 sqm fire rated

Roofing Scope:

2,500 sqm of Kingspan RW roof panel with 400 sqm fire rated

Safety Achievements:
No reportable accidents
Quality Objectives:
Air seal standard 3m3 per hour
The job was done in several phases and all handed
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