Spencer Dock
North Wall Quay, Dublin

Deane Roofing & Cladding were appointed by Bruce Shaw Partnership on this large residential development as part of the regeneration of the inner-city docklands area. The scheme involved over 500 apartments with over 114 different roof levels.

The project challenged traditional building methods with cutting-edge design and the introduction of new materials and systems into the industry. This obviously had its challenges working with systems outside of Ireland and building to challenging tolerances.

The roofs all contained tapered insulation schemes and the design of the roof falls were critical to the integration of glazing, capping and reconstituted stone panel systems. All gutters were to falls and outlet positions were all coordinated with the internal layouts of the apartments. These constraints pushed the roof design to its limits.

Due to the sheer number of roofs involved and the construction sequence of the apartment blocks, the logistics of material delivery, hoisting, distribution as well as offloading on completion necessitated a high level of planning and organisation. This is particularly relevant were the insulation schemes were designed specifically for each roof and could not be used generically.

Each building was only accessible from its own entrance, access to the 114 roof levels rising through 10 floors and 8 separate blocks made managing and controlling the works all the more difficult.

Despite the challenges, the project was extremely successful and we did not have to return after practical completion and had no issues since the occupation of the apartments, which is testimony to the quality of the workmanship.

North Wall Quay, Dublin
Roofing Scope:

12,500 sqm Paralon Bitumen bonded felt membrane system

Safety Achievements:
No accidents or incidents
Quality Objectives:
Snag-free before handover
24 months
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