North Wall Quay, Dublin

The Tesco Store expansion plan over the last 10 years offered Deane Roofing & Cladding an opportunity to showcase their roofing and cladding credentials in the retail market.

The Tesco model appointed two primary management contractors and appointed specialist contractors through these principles. The roofing specification included Kingspan Topdek and Sika Trocal and detailing was all centred around continuity of airtightness between roof and walls. The stores ranged in area between 2000 sqm and 6000 sqm, the majority of which was installed with the Topdek panel.  

The cladding specification installed included Europanel Rockspan Rockwool core set on a concrete plinth. The panels were long and heavy and very often a significant challenge was to erect the panels on a very confined brownfield site in a town or parts of the city.

In some cases, the working space between the boundary and the building line is as narrow as one metre.

The programmes on these builds are very tight and driven by rigid store opening deadlines.

Quality control has a significant bearing on the success of the project. The benchmark is the airtightness test, and this is usually set at 2.5m3/hr at 50 Pa. This is a very low threshold for industrial/commercial building and requires extreme emphasis on detail and quality workmanship. The envelope must have continuity and with all modern buildings, a mix of steel and concrete, the solutions aren’t always straightforward.

We achieved the standards set by the client and have always met our targets in terms of quality and programme whilst carrying out the works safely and within budget.

North Wall Quay, Dublin
Cladding Scope:

2,500 sqm Europanel Rockspan Rockwool panel.
2,000 sqm Kingspan CS soffit panel.

Roofing Scope:

6000 sqm Kingspan Topdek panel.
400 sqm of Trocal membrane.

Quality Objectives:
Airtightness 2.5m3/hr @50 Pa
5 months
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